Goa is a lovers place. I mean go there with partner and walking in the sea and hold his hand. Ahh what a feeling it is!! Goa is really very romantic place.

Goa is an undeveloped place and i think that is the only reason it is still so beautiful like a canvas painted by great painter God :) Beautiful beaches and natural beauty is charm of Goa. Transport system is not so good. I had seen few taxies and no auto there. For transportation you have to take bike or activa on rent. No Petrol pump or situated at very far. So u have to buy a bottle of petrol which is also very costly…

Goa is partitioned in 2 parts by a river. North Goa and South Goa. It has around 100 beaches. Few are famous. And calangute is the safest beach there. Many bollywood movies were shooted there.. And Goa is also famous for it’s nuts. Most of the foriegners were russian over there. And reason for that is Govt of Russia gives special subsidies, loans and even free trips to Goa. Yeah yeah i m telling you the reason. Actually India got free in 1947 but Goa got freedom in 1969. Till date it was under portugise rulers and portugise people promoted Goa as a tourist place to Russians by offering free or cheap trips for their business. And Russian Govt. Continued this tradition.Goa gets tourists only in December to Feb. Indian tourists go there only in Dec-Jan. And forigners till Feb.

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