Getting Cheap Flights with Business Class Seats

Many people purchase economy class tickets because of the price. However, these flights can be crowded and uncomfortable. If you are willing to put in some extra steps, you may be able to purchase cheap business class tickets for your flight. You will get better service, more legroom, private televisions, and more. Here are some tips for getting a business class ticket on your cheap flights:

Utilize the Airport Counter

Many people enjoy the convenience of online shopping. However, all the available options aren’t always accessible online. Get to the airport early on the day of your flight and talk to your airline counter. You can ask the attendant to mark your ticket as eligible for upgrade. That way, if there is an upgrade available, you maybe offered it at the gate. Also, once on the plane, if you see an empty business class seat you can ask to be moved.

Use your Frequent Flyer Miles or Card

Obviously, if you have enough miles to cover the cost you can get a business class ticket absolutely free. In addition many cards offer perks such as free or priority upgrades. Use these benefits to your advantage to get the seats you want.


You can likely upgrade your seat at any point from the moment you book your ticket to departure day. However, if you ask the day of your flight, you might get a better deal. Once it’s clear that seat is likely going to be empty, the airline will try to make any money on it that they can. These seats are first-come first-serve, so you will want to arrive early. Last minute discounts can be substantial you just have to ask!

Comparison Shop

Different airlines might have the same route at different prices. If you have frequently flyer miles, you might be stuck with one airline. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to shop around to make sure you are purchasing the best deal. Some deals are specific to business travelers or business class seats. Your best bet is to start your search early so that you can check for trends and have enough time to find a good deal. You can also sign up for fare alerts. These websites will send an email out when they’ve found a good price for a flight.

Purchase Non-refundable Tickets


This option can be risky, but it often comes with cheaper prices. Consider purchasing travel insurance if you are worried about this option.

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Cheap flights and the three-hour tarmac delay rule

Is the three-hour tarmac rule working?

In 2009, there was a remarkable incident at Minnesota’s Rochdale International Airport when forty-seven people were held against their will on an airplane without properly working toilets for seven hours. During this time, they were in sight of the airport’s buildings, but the airport staff refused to open a gate. This was the straw that broke the Department of Transport’s back and it introduced the now popular three-hour rule. The intention is to force airlines and airport operators to treat passengers with basic decency.


If a US or foreign airplane on a domestic flight is held on the tarmac for more than two hours, the airline must provide adequate food and drinking water. If the delay is more than three hours, the airline must allow the passengers to leave the airplane. This timetable is shortened if there’s a medical emergency or the toilets cease to work. Except, you can only leave the airplane at a formal gate. It’s not safe or practical to have you jump or slide down on to the tarmac in the middle of the runway system. This puts significant pressure on the airport operator to make gates available as the time limit approaches. If the airlines breach the rules, there’s a federal fine of up to $27,500 per passenger affected. As to international flights, all airlines must publish their rules about tarmac delays which cannot exceed four hours, and breach of these rules will also produce fines.


There are other issues addressed under the rules. For example, some take-off slots are at very congested times and, even a few minutes delay at the gate can mean the slot is lost and the flight must be rescheduled. If this happens consistently at one or more slot times, every flight will be treated as cancelled and the airlines fined for deceptive practices. Airlines must also nominate identified individuals to communicate with passengers on a timely basis, and cannot seek to exclude liability in the terms and conditions, particularly on cheap flights. There have been increases in the number of flights cancelled and the number of slots has been rationalized at some crowded airports. So this has represented an improvement both passengers on both full-price and cheap flights.


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Top 5 Largest Airports in the World and Getting Cheap Air Tickets

Traveling to the top 5 largest airports in the world and subsequently exploring the cities where these airports are can be quite an adventure but it can be rather expensive if you do not get cheap air tickets. Traveling abroad is one of those things that many people would like to do but for those who cannot afford the current prices, waiting for promos to get cheap air tickets is the logical thing to do. What are the top largest airports though and is getting cheap airfare possible when going to these places?

Approaching airports from above has a certain joy for many pilots and for passengers, the plane landing on the runway is as exciting as getting off a bus to a destination you have never been before. In this article, there will not be any talk of the largest airport in terms of size but the largest airports in the world in terms of traffic as defined by the number of people arriving and leaving through that airport each year.

In 2011, Atlanta clocked in 92, 365, 860 people. This year, the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International is still number one. Atlanta, GA is a major tourist destination for many Americans and also a great destination for many foreigners. Considered as an Alpha-World city, Atlanta, Georgia is definitely a wonderful place to go to whether you are looking for historical attractions, amusement or have to take care of business.

Beijing Capital International Airport made it to second place this year. It is a given that Beijing is quite a busy place considering its megacity status. In the year 2009, Beijing Capital International Airport became the 14th busiest airport in terms of cargo traffic. It registered 1, 420, 997 tons.

London Heathrow Airport makes it to the third place for the world’s busiest airport list. According to statistics, it is also the busiest in Europe by passenger traffic. London’s main airport is followed by O’Hare International Airport in Chicago. Prior to the year 2005, Chicago O’Hare International Airport was the busiest when it comes to landings and takeoffs.

Tokyo International Airport takes the fifth place for this year. The megacity is a major business hub for Asia making it a likely destination for many businessmen. If you want to go to these places, buying straight from the airlines that fly there will land you on cheap air tickets.

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What to Look for in Car Rental Companies

There are many different deals out there when it comes to renting a car. It is easy to get scammed or get stuck with a rental package that doesn’t meet your needs. Below are some tips for things to look for to make sure you are getting a good deal.

1. Look for a company that has a discount program. Some let you sign up for their own discount rewards program and others will give you discounts if you use a certain type of credit card.

2. Look for a company that does not pressure you into using their insurance. Your insurance likely already covers you and your rental car, and the added insurance is unnecessary. Some companies will refuse to rent to you if you do not purchase their insurance.

3. If possible, rent your vehicle from a company outside of the airport. Car rental taxes can be upwards of 45% higher at an airport. Take a taxi or shuttle away from the airport to save some money.

4. Comparison shop and look out for special offers. Many companies will offer discounts during the slow season or other times of the year. Taking advantage of these offers can save you some cash.

5. In order to make sure you aren’t getting scammed, it is best to rent through an established chain of car rental companies. Hertz or Budget are two well-known examples with good reputations.

6. You should rent your car from a company that allows you to fill up the gas tank off-site. Car rental companies will charge you a surcharge for filling up with them, so getting gas elsewhere will often save you money.

7. If you have time in advance, consider shopping online. This allows you to comparison shop easily, and reserve your car ahead of time. Sometimes you can combine this with a hotel stay or flight to get a discount on a packaged deal.

8. Make sure your rental fits your needs. If you are driving one place to another, you need a company that will allow you to drop off your vehicle at a different spot. If you are staying in town, the same location will probably be fine for drop-offs.

9. Try to find a company that offers free unlimited mileage, and make sure it applies to the places you will be driving. Some places offer it, but only for local travel. Check into these questions before booking.

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Currency conversion scams used by car rental companies

There are usually transaction charges whenever you buy services with your credit card in your own country, although the merchants that sell you the services or goods will normally pay these (they will, however, cover the charges by increasing the retail price). But the moment you use the credit card to buy goods or services in a different currency, you will suddenly find extra charges appearing. The first is simply for handling a transaction in a foreign currency. The second is the currency exchange rate commission.

The prevailing national exchange rate will be charged if the bank is being honest. This will mean the transaction has a neutral cost. But if the bank is less than honest, it will use a lower exchange rate. This means it costs you more to buy the goods and services than if you went to a money changer and used cash. Worse, you are being charged for being given the poor value in the transaction. For these purposes, it can be worth acquiring a “foreign” credit card if you’re a regular traveler. This way, you avoid foreign currency charges. However, there’s a further problem to avoid.

Some international car rental companies operate their own currency conversion. So let’s say you have a US$ credit card and you go to a branch of a US rental company in Paris. Some branches do their own currency conversions and bill your credit card in US dollars. That sounds good to you because there are no foreign currency conversion charges to pay. But suppose that conversion uses an exchange rate that’s significantly worse than international rate. You might be paying 10 or 15% more than locals would pay, i.e. rather more than your honest bank would charge you.

Some local car rental companies offer conversion through third party banks. This sounds good. You’re being billed in your own currency so no administrative fees. But what often happens is that the exchange rate is very poor and the difference between the rate you pay and the rate the converter uses is split with the rental company. Always prepay or, if you speak the local language, refuse the option of local conversion. This reduces the risk you will be scammed.

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Don’t save money on cheap flights and then lose out to fraudsters

Years of continuous warnings have begun to pay off in the war against the scammers who send junk email suggesting you can, with a few clicks of the mouse, find yourself in possession of thousands of dollars. Most now know never to reply, even if the sender appears genuine and the rewards look significant. But when you get on an airplane clutching your cheap flights tickets, it’s easy to leave your early warning system behind. The fact you’re going on holiday is not a guarantee you will not be targeted. Indeed, the reverse is true. The fact you don’t know the local culture or speak the local language may mark you out as the most desirable of targets. So here are a few things to watch out for.

The most common scams are the people who approach you in the street or cafes, and ask to buy your US dollars for local cash. It’s true that, in some countries, there’s a black-market currency exchange system. But are you confident you can spot forgeries of the local currency? Unless you’re very careful, you can be handing over your genuine greenbacks in exchange for local Monopoly money. Then ask yourself what the accepted international rate is. Are you absolutely certain you are getting the right rate or better than the right rate? What is your reason for buying local currency on the street when you could walk into a bank and get the same deal with guaranteed rates and genuine local currency?

Now let’s say you’re in a restaurant or paying your hotel bill and the merchant offers to bill you in US dollars. This sounds like it’s a good deal because you avoid the extra fees and exchange commissions on your credit card. But do you know what exchange rate you’re going to receive? Yes, you will be billed in US dollars but this does you no good if you are being substantially overcharged. Beware because, in some countries where cheap flights land, there are third parties who convert the amounts billed and claim from your credit card in US dollars and split the additional profit on conversion with the hotels, restaurants and other merchants. Never trust what the local say. Verify before you accept.

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